Let’s speak about Corruption

Let’s speak about Corruption

If the EU commission would have it’s own yearly rank in Global Corruption index chart, it would score somewhere in between the Hungary and Somalia.”

Why? Corruption isn’t linked only finding cash filled suitcases under a bed or in closets of highly ranked Government officials. It presents itself also in form of favors, agreements, operations, exchange, trade agreements and other shady deals, without cash literally changing hands. Commonly taking place in secrecy and/or under Government labeled CONFIDENTIAL files.

Corruption rank is given from 0 to 180, the more corrupt the country the higher it scores.

Without taking sides either way, Hungary has a corruption rank of 77 (here), and because of this, the European Parliament and Commission representatives keeps social media running hot, with statements how the EU is tackling corruption and not sending funds to its member state that has not their system clean and transparent. Then an other state, Ukraine, that is an applicant state to EU, with a corruption rank 116, is receiving billions of European tax payers money and not limited to this, but including speed accession process to become a member state of the European Union. Let it sink in.

In light of the current evidence it is crystal clear that the EU Commission, EU Council and other EU Institutions are neck deep compromised and lacking transparency and integrity. Behind its front curtain, favors, scheming, deception and secret handshakes are ruling. How much the US has to say at the present in European matters, we can only guess. How much the WEF, and its members, that have vested interests in profiting through the whole cycle of events, are invading the European market.

Everyone has read what happened to the Nordstream pipeline (here). How the blame was placed on Russian’s (rank 137) with the promise of sever punishment who ever was responsible for destruction of the pipeline delivering cheap gas to Europe through Germany (rank 9). Months later, the truth was exposed by Pulitzer winning Journalist Seymour Hersh, how the EEA member state, Norway, corruption rank 4, and the US, ranking 24, engaged in secret operation that destroyed the pipeline, that was built together with the German’s and Russian’s in the past. Germany has so far staid silent, as it would make the ugly truth go away, lacking the guts, to demand those responsible, to pay damages for the lost energy supply to it’s nation. Strength is never measured by silence, but courage to speak and stand up for truth.

“There are two kinds of “impeccable reputations”, good and bad. “No need to investigate by independent investigators because of our partners impeccable reputation”, coming from European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, who her self has demonstrated questionable practices, from obstruction of justice to destroying evidence material, relevant to investigating her past mismanagement of public funds in 2019 and again on ongoing investigation by the EU prosecution on her Pfizer contracts. Isn’t it clear that the impeccable reputation in this context is a bad one?


People who have lost their lifetime work and livelihoods as a consequence of the USA and Norwegian governments cowardly action, the people must and deserve to know the TRUTH, regardless of the timing. Other criminals are not receiving delay on arrests because it isn’t the right time in life, or if the arrest risks their partners to lose their credibility. Why should the head of states or President of the EU get special treatment only because of the timing? People must get compensated, the whole nations should. The Nordstream sabotage must be investigated, as well as Ursula von der Leyen’s Pfizer contract investigation (here) must be held in public, not among the “Family”, that makes it sound as a “Mafia” of the EU leaders. Leaders must be held accountable for what they have done. People are angry and rightly so!”

The whole Europe is in verse of collapsing as a consequence of the cowardly action of the US and Norway. Norway as a EFTA member state, and through this signatory to European Economic Agreement, should be expected to be dismissed from the European Economic Agreement, followed by dismissal of data transfer and energy supply agreements with the US, who as usual has caused a mess in one of the many wars it started or instigated.

As a direct result European citizens are in distress. Look around you, each day yet an other door of a local business has its door closed permanently, while the door next to it, hangs a huge sign advertising for “final sales – everything must go”. The governments blame inflation and energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, but this isn’t the truth. The truth is in their actions and leniency on bending to promote the Corporate Governance that is deeply infiltrated to the US Government, where income stream to their own deep pockets, with votes for power, count more than a single individual civilian life. The Governments are acting like they have had an ear surgery, with Eustachian tubes sutured shut, wrong eye class prescription that distorts the visible changes that we all can see.

For the sake of Europe, the EU Commission and it’s institutions needs a complete overhaul. None of the present officials should be allowed in power ever again. Governments and the EU are not owning the people, the people own their country and lands, not a handful of public servants, that at a present are promoting war and destruction, over peace and harmony.

Can the Transparency International corruption rank be trusted? Who is funding them?”

These days no one can be trusted who is funded by the Governments, that are engaging themselves in corruption. From Norway to the US, no politician or government official can sincerely say they are 100% clean from promoting agenda that isn’t maybe theirs but by supporting the Government and allowing false talks and statements, staying silent, is becoming accomplice on corruption. There are few that openly speak against the agenda, but do the other people in power take notice what is being said?

If the people would rate the Governments today they would all rank above 100, without a doubt.

By Omnes populus

Disclaimer: Our focus is to speak truth as it is, there is no need to become accomplish to casting shadow to the wrongs and injustice committed by countries Governments and decision makers. While it might be true that some parts they do is good, the bad is heavier on scale. The mainstream media distributes enough distorted truth about them, this is why our task is to shine light to the other side that at the present is brushed under the carpet. Omnes populus contra imperium.

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