Germany the next in-line to force vaccine mandate on citizens

Germany the next in-line to force vaccine mandate on citizens

As German constitution states,

“Human dignity is inviolable.”

Article 2
[Personal freedoms]

(2) Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. These rights may be interfered with only pursuant to a law.

yet, the Government is going ahead and aiming to violate the constitution.

Debates on compulsory vaccination in Europe and Worldwide are missing the main point. At the present there is no vaccine that would prevent infection. The vaccine inequalities are causing future outbreaks and variants, and yet, the global leaders are using the world as their common testing ground, using repression and force. If the aim is to eradicate COVID19, then the prevention of spread should be tackled in Global front, lifting patents from vaccines and facilitating distribution to every country. Unvaccinated are not the spreaders of corona virus, but those who are sitting on vaccine patents, including Germany and other European Union countries.

As with previous vaccines, for example, polio was eradicated because the vaccine was distributed worldwide and only after several years of studies behind it. Before mandating new vaccines, shouldn’t they be thoroughly researched and proven safe across several medical conditions? Not at the trial phase, as it’s the case with the COVID19 vaccines, that have still several years ahead, for collecting evidence-based data. If western nations, continue forcing unjustifiable mandates and restricting freedom of movement, access to services of citizens, they will not kill the virus, they are killing the Democracy and dignity of the citizens in process. In the future it takes one flight to Europe from another country to start the pandemic all over again, a new variant that evades the current vaccine. We know what we have today, we can only guess what could happen tomorrow.

Two former German constitutional judges, Papier and Di Fabio, have send a clear message to German leaders, Scholz and Lauterbach, that at the present, considering mild Omicron variant and even milder B 1.2, there is no justification to push for compulsory vaccination in Germany.

Di Fabio: „Wir brauchen mehr Informationen darüber, ob mit einer allgemeinen Impfpflicht überhaupt die gegenwärtige Welle und ihre Auswirkungen auch wirksam bekämpft werden können.“ Papier kommt zu einem ähnlichen Urteil: „Auf der Basis des jetzigen Wissens- und Erkenntnisstandes kann man meines Erachtens nicht überzeugend begründen, dass eine allgemeine gesetzliche Impfpflicht den Grundsätzen der Verhältnismäßigkeit entsprechen wird. So scheint mir die Sache letztlich derzeit nicht entscheidungsreif.“ Here

Di Fabio: “We need more information on whether a general vaccination requirement would even be effective in combating the current wave and its effects.” Papier arrives at a similar verdict: “Based on the current state of knowledge and understanding, I do not think it is possible to convincingly justify that a general statutory vaccination requirement will comply with the principles of proportionality. Thus, in the final analysis, the matter does not seem to me to be ripe for decision at this time.”

In Germany right to access services has been limited for unvaccinated people by 2G and 2G+ regulations since November 18th. At the same time, Lauterbach and pandemic board are allowing boosted people to have access everywhere, without additional tests. The evidence is showing that the booster is not preventing from getting infected with Omicron. Over 50% of the boosted citizens are spreading the virus uncontrollably, while the leaders are concentrating on small group of under 29% unvaccinated citizens. Today, Lauterbach and Scholtz are busy saving face, instead of doing the right thing, uniting the people and ending the discrimination. A typical result of vertical silo thinkers, that orient from inflexibility and inability to adapt in changing situation. Omicron is not Delta and even considering mandating vaccine against Delta that was only 40% protective, they are even less protective against Omicron. The current actions of the government are not helping the society to get out of the pandemic, it leads to repressive society without freedoms and justice.

No one in Germany should have mandatory vaccination, nor agree to pay a fine, that is a planned punishment for something, that only makes common sense at the present situation. If Scholz and Lauterbach, would care about the citizens health, they would mandate opening the windows in healthcare facilities, in public transport and advice people to wear FFP2 masks. Demolishing use of QR-codes and other dehumanizing regulations, that are degrading and humiliating.

Hospitals are not overwhelmed by new Covid cases, just increased sick leaves among fully vaccinated, boosted, health care professionals, that have vaccine mandate in place. Raising more questions about the effectiveness and necessity to even consider mandating vaccination. It doesn’t make anyone a good citizen to bend under repression, taking a vaccine should remain taken by free will and informed consent.

Should the mandate come into force in April 2022, if anyone will obey, it’s a good idea not to sign anything (here). Signing information sheets, consent or any other vaccination related documents, results to people are waving their rights to litigate. If anyone signs, only a narrow path stays open to seek justice, including in case of adverse reactions and long-term disabilities or death.

Politicians make statements that it’s in the best interest of the citizens, the society, to regulate freedom of people, when as a fact the masks protect better than any discriminatory 2G, 2G + or QR-code linked regulation. Theirs is no justification for using Vaccine Passports, because with Omicron, no vaccine or QR-code can prevent its spread.

How can Governments justify making vaccines mandatory at all at this point?

Protests are resistance against Vaccine Passports, QR-code regulations and mandates

“Protestors are not enemies of the state, or the society, they are threatening for people in power. Leaders shouldn’t abuse their power and position, to apply repressive measures that endanger human rights, freedom and are unconstitutional, making it illegal.”

In Germany right to resist is written in the constitution.

Article 20 [Basic principles of state order, right to resist]

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority emanates from the people. It is being exercised by the people through elections and voting and by specific organs of the legislature, the executive power, and the judiciary.

(3) Legislation is subject to the constitutional order; the executive and the judiciary are bound by law and justice.

(4) All Germans have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, should no other remedy be possible.

Some people are labelling protests as “anti-vax” and/or “fascists”. A small portion taking part on protests are parasites driving their own interests, Far-right, Nazis, Anti-migrants or racists. This is why Protests against vaccine passports, QR-codes and restrictions, that are motivated by rights to Freedom, respect to Human rights and Self-determination, should clearly be distanced from fascist movements. The truth is that protesters are combination of unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals, who standup for humanity and human rights. Why would people who are protesting against fascistic measures, want to support other fascists anyway? Support movements, that would abuse their powers and establish apartheid and racist system in place if gaining power from the present powers?

The labeling of “anti-vax and fascistic protest” gives the Governments possibility to spin it to the mainstream media and use it to divert the attention away from themselves and possible negative association. Governments are eager to label protests as something they can consider as undesirable element in society and then justify future repercussions on individuals who are exercising their rights to freedom assembly and expression.

This is exactly these protests are against. Oppressive governance, that reminds of fascistic dictatorial control and abuse of power. While it’s true some fascist/Nazi parties are trying to highjack the cause, people can make it clear, they are not part of them. Majority of protestors don’t share fascist ideology or support it, people are standing up for freedom and right to decide for themselves.

Counter Protests against protestors

In Germany some counter protests have been organized by “pro-vaccine” people. They are demanding for vaccine mandate to take place. As it is everyone’s right to choose to take the vaccine, it is everyone’s right to refuse to take it. Many protestors who are against mandates and restrictions are “pro-vaccine’ too, just not COVID vaccine, that has been in a market for just over one year and fully vaccinated individuals against COVID19. Over 4.014,917 million people in Europe have reported different adverse effects from vaccines (EMA and adrreports portal) , among them are children who have died. Is the human life not sacred, should people, the parents, agree to take a jab when they are unsure and see if they are fortunate or not? The government is not taking responsibility for vaccine injuries, neither can they bring back lost health or life. No civilians or politician should have the right to decide for other peoples medical decisions, that belong to each individual themselves, not to the state or group of people who used their own right to decide.

Contact your MEP now and halt the unjustified COVID restrictions and mandates in Germany. It isn’t the time to stay obedient and respect the “rules”, that are not respecting the human rights. The more rules and regulations, the less freedoms everyone has left, if any at all.

Human dignity is inviolable, people should use their right to resist, when confronted with mandates that are unnecessary, humiliating and degrading. Don’t let the system divide you with their delusion.





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